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Thinkin a new era is about to begin..

posted Feb 26, 2011 21:29:51 by MarinaMcnamara
Maybe its just me.. but I like the idea of working to be "found." If all of our "great" artists get that way via the interweb.. then what happens to underground music? what happens when all the diamonds in the rough display themselves? Finding good music is part of the glory of it all. I feel like soon there won't be any way of seperating or categorizing music -except deciding whether its good or bad. its like that theory that eventually all humans will be a unified race. maybe thats too much.. maybe this doesn't make sense.. point blank, i don't like where we're headed. yup.
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zuccaro911 said Mar 04, 2011 17:34:55
it used to be the talent had to be found it took work to be discovered and even more to be liked...the internet changed all of that, i could name four or five websites off the top of my head that showcase new music thats out there and bring it to the public. And i'm not gonna lie, a good part of those artists shouldn't be discovered....
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