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Digital Music

posted Feb 27, 2011 01:15:57 by GraceHolton
I love what digital music (like techno or all the voice enhancement equipment) has allowed the music industry to expand into, and allowing for new types of sounds to be discovered, but it sometimes stretches too far from what real music should be. "Real" being a drummer, guitar, bass and vocalist with various other non-technology related instruments included. It's kind of ruined the chance for truly talented musicians to wow a crowd, which is a shame. Those who are now being idealized as great musicians are those who can make a "sick beat" on a keyboard, which has a time and place but I don't think should replace the valuable talents of what a HUMAN can do.
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zuccaro911 said Feb 27, 2011 19:42:51
exactly. that song "fireflies" by Owl City was made by one idiot with a computer, too bad it was like it was in the old days, when you needed to learn an instrument and create with it
NatalieMorvay said Feb 27, 2011 21:56:16
I also think that live performances are suffering with the use of technology. I hate watching the Black Eyed Peas because it is so technologically dominated that one little glitch throws the whole song off.
zuccaro911 said Mar 04, 2011 17:30:58
true, it doesnt matter if you have talent anymore
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